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I primarily do my own designs with the odd custom project for clients. Having a diverse shop and a specialized shop are two very different things with both taking years to build so there was a point in time where I had to make a decision. I finally decided to stick to my own designs as I intended from the start of when I opened my business in 2013. Back then I really enjoyed Sam Maloof's and Wendell Castle's work and I tried a lot of similar joinery and style that they had done. I also did a wide range of custom work and craft work but I didn't feel quite satisfied because I thought why wouldn't I develop my own style just like the craftsman and artists I admired. I honestly didn't feel worthy but felt I should give it a try. Becoming your own can be like being stuck between telling people or not telling people because no one will understand for a long time. It takes some patients and a little courage with being alone with it and being content with that. 

I hope you enjoy my work. 


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