Seen here in walnut - Introducing the 'The Interlude' ™. The interlude in a pedestal style side table for your living room or bedside. It features a two layered top; one with made of wood and the lower of glass. It is securely joined to symmetrical bottom. It is completely hand crafted and was designed by myself in my shop. Tables include rubber bottoms, and are signed and dated.


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The Interlude in Walnut

  • Dimensions: 16" diameter and 24" height.

    Wood: Walnut, Ash, or Red Oak.

    Glass: 1/4" thick 16" diameter disk with 1" hole in the middle. 

    Finish: Boiled Linseed Oil, Tung Oil, and Polyerathane. 

    How its made: Lathed wood. 

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